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Help for ‘Lazy Locavores’!
Trevor Paque at work in San Francisco in a garden his company planted in a client’s backyard. Photo by Peter DaSilva for the NYT

Despite the catchphrase containing the word “lazy” this new trend is actually kind of interesting. It seems as if not everyone has time to pick up like Barbara Kingsolver and enjoy the adventure of living off an inherited family farm for a year. Yesterday’s New York Times had a quirky piece by Kim Severson about help for ‘Lazy Locavores’ i.e. city dwellers who insist on eating food grown close to home but have no inclination to get their hands dirty. It’s all about the food and the carbon footprint, too!

“The highest form of luxury is now growing it yourself or paying other people to grow it for you,” said Corby Kummer, the food columnist and book author. “This has become fashion.”

As a result of interest in local food and rising grocery bills, backyard gardens have been enjoying a renaissance across the country, but what might be called the remote-control backyard garden — no planting, no weeding, no dirt under the fingernails — is a twist.

Read all about hired help for urban locavores, here.


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I love the word “locavore”

Comment by Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

I’ve got to learn how to make my thumb go greener!

Comment by SLJ

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