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Why Farmers’ Markets Mean Buying Local

Recently a Buy Local supporter asked how shopping at Farmers Market Sierra Madre can still be considered local when some farmers come as far as Fresno.

Good question!

Buying from a Farmers Market is just one of the ways to shop locally and while it’s true that farmers come from further than Sierra Madre, Fresno is considerably closer than Florida, Mexico and other typically far origins that produce much of the fruits and vegetables stocked on supermarket shelves. Fewer miles driven means fresher produce and a smaller imprint from carbon emissions.

Shopping at your local Farmers’ Market also bolsters local revenue by providing the city with portions of the farmers’ booth fees. It also encourages shopping at the surrounding small businesses in the area. Sierra Madre, for example, has several tiny shops, locally owned, near the Farmers’ Market which line Sierra Madre Blvd (check out one of our favorites called * at 24 West Sierra Madre Blvd. Suite B, Sierra Madre, CA 91024. Phone: (626) 355-2906!).

Lastly, personal relationships encourage a strong community and repeated visits.

Feel free to comment and continue the conversation!

Thanks for being a Buy Local supporter!!

* sells everything imaginable! From hand-made greeting cards to scented candles to skincare! Read more here


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Yes, keep the farmers in your community…supporting them supports your city.

Comment by SL

the locavore movement live strong!

Comment by rm

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