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Fair Trade vs. Buy Local
December 2, 2008, 11:14 pm
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buylocalvsfairtrade Mixed up in the conundrum between buying fair trade or local goods? Global Exchange had an interesting article on the benifits of shopping fairly and locally.

Another gift giving season is upon us and it’s time to decide on a shopping strategy. In one ear you’re encouraged to shop locally, in the other ear you hear about the benefits of choosing Fair Trade gifts. So which strategy is best, and is one better than the other? To answer a question with a question, who says you have to choose? The ‘Buy Local’ and Fair Trade movements both have their benefits…

You can read the rest of Tex Dworkin’s article at


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Just because a coffee is not Fair Trade Certified does NOT necessarily mean it was an UNfair trade.

As a small, independent roaster, I work with ethical importers who typically pay quality premiums independent of certifications. I also have direct trade relationships (buy direct from growers) that are not certified Fair Trade, and the terms of my Fair Trade license prhibit me from calling that coffee Fair Trade or using a Fair Trade mark on them.

Get to know your local, independent roaster. Get the story behind your coffee. Because in the end, it’s not a sticker you’re after, it’s the assurance that nobody was exploited. With transparency, there is no need for certification.

Happy brewing…

Comment by muddydogcoffee

good article! I agree, both work wonders…

Comment by SL

I am a retailer of fair trade goods. Main non-food items. I also am a proponent of buying locally when possible. In my opinion, it is important to research all products that I sell, or that I buy.

I sell toys that are fair trade, organic, or made in a sweat free environment. One supplier is based out of China. However, some education ensured me that these were family run businesses. So many people are anti-china. I have been one of them. But, just as in fair trade producers, there are marginalized people and those living in poverty who need a market for thier goods. Just being based in China does not make it bad. Having said that however, it pays to be a conscious consumer and to be careful.

Comment by catrules123

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