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Join us Thursday, March 12th at 7 p.m. 

Conscientious Projector celebrates its fifth anniversary with a film we’ve been wanting to see since the series debuted in 2004.  Our long search for a definitive documentary on the topic of consumerism ended with the December 2008 release of Consume This Movie!  Bay area contractor Gene Brockoff also saw a need for such a film, so in the finest of the DIY tradition, he gathered a crew and crafted an impressive first effort, a thought-provoking examination of the history, psychology and impact of American materialism and consumer culture, and a film that also offers hopeful alternatives to help us through an era of resource depletion, environmental degradation and economic uncertainty.  

Actor/activist Ed Begley says, “Check out this movie when you want to make a huge difference.” On camera participants include Dr. Peter Whybrow, Director of UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, sociologist/author Juliet Schor, simplicity gurus Cecile Andrews and Duane Elgin, environmental philosopher Julian Darley and others. 

“Get Satisfied” co-author Michael Beck and Simple Living America co-founder Carol Holst will join us for a community discussion following the film.

The Armory is located at 145 North Raymond in Old Pasadena. Admission is free and the facility is accessible to disabled persons. For more information, contact Marty Coleman at 626.792.4941 or visit and preview a trailer at

Consume This Movie will also screen at Pasadena’s Greening the Earth Day on April 25th.


cpConscientious Projector is sponsored by Sustainable World,a Peace & Justice Ministry of All Saints Church, in association with The Center for the Theatre of the Oppressed and The Armory Center for the Arts.


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Such a great turnout last night…PACKED HOUSE! Happy 5 Year Anniversary, Conscientious Projector!

Comment by buylocalpasadena

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